Timeless Chair Design and the Eames Effect

When it comes to decorating a home or office, combining function, shape and style never goes out of fashion. The quality and class are always interesting, even in the most difficult times. Despite the changes in taste and budget, iconic furniture will always be in demand. An ageless design, such as an Eames office chair, remains special in its kind.

When brothers Charles and Ray Eames presented their resting chair and ottoman in 1956, they created a story in the style of the twentieth century, saying that he wanted his chair to look like a warm, familiar and comfortable worn baseball glove. “Charles Eams’ words still matter, which makes them as relevant today as they were more than fifty years ago.

After a carefully crafted design by the Eames brothers, the living room set was open for immersive reception, and then, developed by his close collaborator Herman Miller, the combination of armchair and ottoman turned into real winners, receiving many awards in the field of style. Long standing exhibitions in New York. The York Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Institute of Chicago testify to the cultural influence of iconic furniture.

The Eames Lounger also received praise during its debut on Arlene Francis’ show “Home Show”, in one of their finest hours during “Dr. Fraser Crane of the Ugliness of the American Sitcom also presented a set of furniture in his posh apartment.

No wonder Eames office chairs have become so famous. They are beautifully designed and created as objects for pleasure and business. The combination of rich veneer and soft Italian leather allows anyone who buys an Eames armchair and poof to relax and have fun.

The constant emphasis on the excellent quality of assembly and design has allowed to preserve the original values of furniture: luxurious upholstery, laid on the base of wood, and thick pillows support the chair.

A sturdy black metal base with a polished stainless steel countertop usually accompanies the modern version: instead of tilting the chair, the Eames chair is a rotating chair that is constantly tilted at a natural angle of rest to distribute the body weight on the back of the chair. chair as much as possible. Comfort.

Of course, owning a cult historical object and a chair, described as a euphemism for the word “cool” is an attractive proposition in any home or office. Eames design is not just a status symbol, its content and quality is difficult to compare.

The brothers’ thoughtful plan was intended to provide refuge from the stresses and stresses of modern life, and now it can be seen in famous living rooms, libraries, offices and offices around the world. at home or in the office, do I want to place my eames seating set?

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